How To Withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Money Online?

How To Withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Money Online?
How To Withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Money Online?

How To Withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) Money Online? – In today’s time, many employed people invest in Employee Provident Fund (EPF). Investing in EPF is a better option for any employed person so that he can meet his expenses after the end of the job. The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is invested at the rate of per month and can be withdrawn after a certain time frame. But you can withdraw EPF money online even before the prescribed limit. In this article, we will tell you how to withdraw Employee Provident Fund (EPF) money online?

In the earlier times, there was a lot of trouble to withdraw money from EPF, but now you can easily withdraw money from EPF online sitting at home. In this article, we will give you complete information about it. After reading this article, you will be able to understand well how to withdraw money from EPF?

What Is EPF?

EPF is a fund in which salaried people deposit a fixed amount every month and withdraw it after the job ends. Suppose if you work for 30 years and deposit ₹2000 per month then you will deposit ₹720000 in 30 years. Interest of 8.5% is also added to the EPF. This way you can save good money while doing the job and withdraw it after the job is over. This way you can live the rest of your life well even after the job is over.

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If you want to withdraw money from EPF, then the EPF organization has provided a very good facility for this. You do not have to fill any form for this. You can easily withdraw this money and invest it in any of your work. But for this it is necessary to link your UAN with Aadhar card. Only after this you can apply to withdraw money from EPF.

Which form is required to be filled to withdraw money from EPF?

Form 31: If you want to withdraw Advance Provident Fund while working, then for this you have to fill Form 31. Along with this, you also have to give the reason for withdrawing this fund. For your information, let us tell you that money with the support of pensioner and employer cannot be withdrawn through this form.

Form 19: Form 19 has to be filled for withdrawal of employee share money. Through this form, you can withdraw the total amount deposited in EPF.

Form 10c: Form 10c has to be filled to withdraw the money from the employer share. You must be at least 9.5 years of age or less than 50 years of age to fill this form.

How To Withdraw EPF Money Online?

  1. To withdraw money online from EPF online, first you have to go to the website of UAN Memeber Portal.
  2. After that login by entering your UAN and password there.
  3. After logging in, to check KYC Status, click on Manage and click on KYC.
  4. After this, check the Aadhar, Pan, Bank Account and IFSC Code here properly.
  5. If all the details are correct then you click on Online Services, then click on Claim (Form 31, 19 & 10C) from the dropdown menu.
  6. After this a new page will open. In which the information given by you will appear, such as: Your Name, Father Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, PAN, Aadhar Number etc.
  7. Here by entering the last four digits of the bank account, click on the Verify key button. After this your bank account will be verified.
  8. Once the bank account is verified, click on Proceed to claim online.
  9. On the next page, information such as mobile number, UAN, PAN etc. will appear. After that click on the Claim button.
  10. After this choose any one of Form 10c, Form 31, Form 19. We have told you about these three forms above.
  11. After clicking on Claim, fill your full address and tick the check box to accept the EPFO ​​terms and conditions and then click on Get Aadhar OTP.
  12. After this, verify by filling the Aadhar OTP received on the mobile number and then submit the EPF Claim Form.
  13. In this way you can make an online claim for Withdrawal of Provident Fund. Once this claim is approved, the money will be transferred to your bank account.

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